Trust in Small Business Endorses Paul Gosar for Congress

Business groups continue to recognize Congressman Paul Gosar’s commitment to fixing America’s bleak economy. Trust in Small Business (TISB), a national group that advocates for small businesses, announced its endorsement of Gosar today.

“TISB is proud to endorse Paul Gosar for Congress in the Republican Primary on Aug. 28th. Congressman Gosar has been a tireless advocate for small business and as the Arizona Republic recently pointed out, he has ‘conservative principles aligned with the likes of [GOP Vice Presidential candidate] Paul Ryan,’” said the group’s chairman and CEO Ed Pinto.

“As a small businessman who had to make payroll and adhere to government regulations, I understand what it takes to run a business,” said Gosar, a dentist before running for Congress. “Getting government out of the way of job creators will continue to be one of my top priorities so we can get our economy back on track.”

Gosar just voted last week to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans, which has a huge–$300 billion–impact on small businesses. Gosar is also advocating for a pro-growth, flatter tax to bring fairness to the tax code.

Congressman Gosar scored 100% pro business on 11 scored votes by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and has a 100% rating with the Competitive Enterprise Institute for his pro small business battles against unions and the government.   In additionGosar received the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s “Spirit of Enterprise” Award, for his pro business polices.

Jason Roe