Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden Endorses Rep. Paul Gosar for Congress

Yuma, AZ – Longtime Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden endorsed U.S. Rep Paul Gosar for reelection in Congressional District 4.

Ogden decided to support Gosar because of his strong record on border issues, including helping lead the Congressional investigation into the deadly Fast and Furious gun-walking case.

“Dr. Gosar is ensuring we have a strong national border and that federal agencies don’t make the wrong decisions to let guns spill freely into Mexico,” Ogden said. “We have an effective representative in Congress making sure our border is secure and I know Dr. Gosar will continue those efforts.”

Gosar welcomed the endorsement from one of the toughest border sheriffs in America.

“Sheriff Ogden knows what it takes to secure a porous border and I want to give him and all law enforcement the tools necessary to stop the flow of drugs and people across our lands,” Gosar said.

Jason Roe