Rep. Gosar Wins First Primary Debate, Touts Arizona Victories, Commitment to Upholding the Constitution

For Immediate Release
Date: July 19, 2016

PRESCOTT, AZ – Today, Paul Gosar (R-AZ-04) released the following statement after winning the first primary debate in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District, hosted by the Republican Women of Prescott:

“Arizonans don’t need another open border advocate who talks a big game but fails to uphold the Rule of Law. Our country is at a tipping point and there is too much at stake to send another tax and spend politician to Washington that wants to be a part of the good ol’ boys club.

“The enthusiastic response to my campaign today in Prescott proves that Arizonans want a true conservative that will unabashedly defend the Constitution and continue to challenge the status quo in Washington D.C. The people of the Fourth District deserve a fighter that goes to bat for their priorities. I’m proud to be that fighter and have a proven conservative record of accomplishment to back it up.”


Dr.  Paul Gosar with Toni Templeton (pictured left) and his wife Maude (pictured right) at Tuesday’s candidate debate hosted by the Republican Women of Prescott. 


Today was the first primary debate in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District. The candidate forum was hosted by the Republican Women of Prescott, the largest Republican Women’s club in the country. During the debate, Dr. Gosar made clear that he is the most qualified candidate in the race and the best choice for the people of the Fourth District.

Dr. Paul Gosar currently represents Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District and is serving in his third term. Prior to being elected to Congress, he had no political experience. Dr. Gosar is an active member and leader in the House Freedom Caucus. This Conservative group of House members is comprised of approximately 40 Representatives dedicated to defending our Constitution, stopping business as usual and holding Congressional leadership accountable to the American people.

9 bills signed into law
20 other legislative priorities signed into law
79 amendments passed through the House

Career “A” rating with the NRA and “A+” rating with Gun Owners of America
Career “A+” grade with NumbersUSA
Career 100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
Career 100% rating with National Right to Life
Career 100% rating with Eagle Forum
Career “A” rating with the American Conservative Union
Considered a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste (96% rating in 2015)
Highest rating in the Arizona Delegation with Heritage Action

1. H.R. 1612—The I-11 Intermountain West Corridor Development Act: I-11 and the Intermountain West Corridor will create 240,000 permanent jobs and generate $22 billion for Arizona’s economy (Included in H.R. 22).

2. H.R. 4198—Grand Canyon Tourism Jobs Protection Act: Supports 1,250 jobs in Arizona and Nevada and allowed 1,721 additional Grand Canyon flights/year utilizing quiet technology (Included in H.R. 4348).

3. H.R. 1345—Catastrophic Wildfire Prevention: Has prevented dangerous wildfires byreauthorizing stewardship contracting, Good Neighbor Authority and insect and disease treatment (Included in H.R. 2642)
4. H.R. 687—Southeast Arizona Land Exchange Act: Will create 3,700 new jobs, generate $60 billion for our economy and provide 25% of U.S. copper supply (Included in H.R. 3979).

5. H.R. 4924—Bill Williams River Water Rights Settlement Act: Sustains nearly 4,000 direct and indirect jobs while providing certainty for the Bagdad Mine which has an annual economic impact of $339.1 million to the state of Arizona,

 6. H.R. 489—C.C. Cragin Dam and Reservoir Act.  Allows water to be delivered to Gila County and Phoenix by providing a clear approval process for maintaining the Cragin Dam project.

 7H.R. 3027—Designating the Post Office in Prescott for Sen. Barry Goldwater. Community requested bill for conservative icon who began his presidential campaign in Prescott.

 8. H.R. 1216—Designating the Prescott Vet Center for Dr. Cam McKinley. Community requested bill for a veteran and doctor whose life work was spent treating veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

 9. H.R. 862—Coconino National Forest Land Conveyance Act. Benefits private property owners by providing right of
title in a longstanding dispute. A Gosar-Kirkpatrick bill. Gosar first introduced this legislation in the 112th Congress.

-Blocked new boating restrictions on Lake Havasu and passed amendment to reopen the lake.
-Passed amendment through House blocking funds for “Sanctuary City” policies.
-Stopped the Bureau of Land Management from closing its Arizona field office.
-Passed amendment ensuring veterans receive an immediate response when calling the Veterans Crisis Line.
-Passed appropriations provision blocking proposed Grand Canyon Watershed and Sedona Monuments.
-Cut the IRS budget by $353 million.
-Blocked Obama’s $500 million raid of the Highway Trust Fund, preserving those funds for roads and bridges.
-Passed amendment prohibiting $440 million from going to terrorist organizations including ISIS.
-Passed two amendments blocking Obama’s regulation that aims to takeover the local zoning process.
-Passed amendment that cut $70 million from EPA Bureaucrats.
-Passed H.R. 1443, the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act, through the House (Included in H.R. 2406).
-Saved the Willow Beach Rainbow Trout Stocking Program and preserved 1,700 jobs and $75 million in economic output.


Jason Roe