Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe (LD-6) Endorses Dr. Gosar

For Immediate Release
Date: August 5, 2016

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Today, Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe (LD-6) endorsed Dr. Gosar's reelection campaign stating:

“Rep. Gosar is being challenged by Ray Strauss in Arizona’s CD4 Republican Primary. Strauss has supported open borders and amnesty groups while on the city council. Unlike Strauss’ TV commercial statements, Gosar has never supported tax increases. The Washington establishment is not happy with Gosar or with the House Freedom Caucus, and they are behind the efforts to defeat conservatives, including Gosar.

“The ‘Right Way Super PAC’ is running negative ads against Gosar on Arizona media, and they have stated that they will spend up to $1,000,000 to take Gosar out, Arizona’s solid conservative congressman. In researching the Right Way Super PAC, the treasurer is Daniel Flynn (R), a Washington establishment insider and friend of John Boehner.

“The question all Arizonians need to ask is ‘why would establishment Republicans run a primary candidate against a very popular and very effective Arizona Congressman?’ The answer is simple ‘Gosar works hard, represents the interests of Arizona citizens, and refuses to play the establishment they want him gone."



Jeff Small