Rep. Paul Gosar Calls For Congress To Stop Obama’s Secret Amnesty Program

By Breitbart, 

“It is outrageous that the Obama administration would secretly administer a new amnesty program that sends empty planes to Central America for the purposes of flying illegal immigrants into the U.S. The rollout, implementation and secrecy of this unauthorized program that will provide cash assistance, medical benefits, and one-way flights from Central America to the U.S. are deeply troubling,” said Gosar.

Media reports also suggest that parolees are participating in the program, including felons, and that the program’s cost is unknown to taxpayers.

“This administration has made a mockery of our immigration system by operating secret amnesty programs behind closed doors that have not been authorized by Congress. It is the responsibility of Congress to make our immigration laws and authorize programs, not this ideologically driven, lawless administration,” said Gosar.

The program provides money, travel assistance, and medical care to refugees in the program. It offers parents in the U.S., who have children under age 21 that are living in the Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras), the opportunity to apply and enroll in the program to get their children to America free of charge.

“As long as I am a member of Congress, I will never stand for the unconstitutional actions of this administration and will do everything in my power to permanently end any attempts to undermine the rule of law. I call on President Obama and his administration to immediately terminate CAM, and if they do not, then Congress must use the power of the purse to defund this amnesty flight program,” said Gosar.

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Jason Roe