Officials back bill to encourage renewable energy on public lands

Officials back bill to encourage renewable energy on public lands (Havasu News,  7/18)
“State and federal officials praised a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would encourage renewable energy development on public lands by streamlining the permitting process and letting local governments share in revenues from the projects. The bill would ‘level the playing field’ between renewable and fossil fuel projects on federal lands by creating a streamlined leasing process for wind and solar energy projects like the one in place for oil, gas and geothermal energy. That is of special importance to Arizona, witnesses told the House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing, because of the large amount of federal lands in the state and its potential for renewable energy. […] The bill by Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott – which already has 67 co-sponsors, including every member of Arizona’s delegation – would give counties revenue to help cover these costs. […] Gosar’s bill would also create a Renewable Energy Resource Conservation Fund, which would get 35 percent of revenues from any project. Money from the fund will go toward offsetting the environmental impact of these new solar and wind developments, something Gosar, who called himself a ‘passionate fisherman,’ said was very important to him. […] There is no hope of action on the bill before Congress leaves for its two-month recess Friday, and only a few months left in this Congress after that. But Gosar said he is very hopeful the bill will succeed due to its bipartisan support. ‘It tells you that it transcends political divisions,’ Gosar said. ‘It’s common sense.’”

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Jeff Small