House: Keep using term ‘illegal alien’

By Emily Zentner, Cronkite News

The House spent several hours in bitter debate before approving a Republican-backed bill Friday that will force the Library of Congress to continue using the term ‘illegal alien’ in its catalog instead of the library’s preferred ‘noncitizen.’…But Republicans like Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, said the Library of Congress’ proposed change amounts to politically motivated ‘censorship’ of a straightforward expression, and requires that Congress step in to halt it.’ The effort by Democrats to censor the factually correct term ‘illegal alien’ is just the latest example of our out-of-control PC culture on steroids,’ said Steven Smith, Gosar’s spokesman. ‘Taxpayer dollars should never be used to fund this nonsense.’…‘All we’ve done in this bill is say, ‘Hey, as you do your subject headings, make sure it’s consistent with the U.S. Code,’’ Graves said during floor debate Thursday.”

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Jason Roe