House Members Unite to Read Stanford Rape Victim’s Letter

By the New York Times.

“Hoping to dramatize the issue of campus sexual assault, 18 members of the House took turns on Wednesday night reading portions of the 7,200-word letter a woman known as Emily Doe wrote to the former Stanford University student who raped her. […] Reading the letter in its entirety on the House floor was an attempt to share the voice of sexual assault victims and to build support for legislation that would require the Department of Education to provide a list of institutions under investigation for sexual assault, said Representative Jackie Speier, the California Democrat who organized the reading and is the sponsor of the bill. […]’People need to learn from this,’ Mr. Gosar said. ‘I’m a father too. I have two daughters. This should matter to everyone.’ Mr. Gosar said that he was not sure whether adding a rape victim’s testimony to the Congressional Record would lead to legislation to better address campus sexual assault, but that he thought it would at least help promote awareness.”

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Jason Roe