Sarah Palin Attacks GOP for Picking Off 'Commonsense Conservatives'


By Bill Hoffmann   |   Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 05:01 PM

Sarah Palin says "establishment" Republicans are on a mission to destroy the careers of "hard-hitting conservatives" who are making a difference in Washington — and is urging GOP voters in Arizona to stop them from ousting Rep. Paul Gosar.

"It’s still RINO season," the former Alaska governor declares on her Facebook page, referring to the acronym for "Republicans in Name Only," the dismissive term tea-party supporters use to describe GOP members they consider too liberal.

"Establishment Republicans (Wall Street and K Street agenda dictators) have teamed up to take out true commonsense conservatives. The Tea Party wave of 2010 sent a class of hard-hitting conservatives to Washington, D.C., and those who kept their promises have had a positive impact," Palin writes.

"From the Budget Control Act that would finally limit spending, to fighting the Gang of 8's job-killing amnesty, to opposing tax increases and unconstitutional gun control measures, the true conservatives we hired to represent us have made a difference."

Palin, who was John McCain’s 2008 vice presidential running mate, says those positive achievements are a "problem" for people who "love their government subsidies … rely on more government spending to line their own pockets [and] want open borders."

She also charges those same people "attacked and defeated" Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a House Freedom Caucus member, in last month’s Kansas primary.

"Now they've set their sights on one of the most conservative members of the House, Dr. Paul Gosar, [of Arizona, who has] a 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union … and was recognized by Phyllis Schafly's group for his pro-life work," Palin says.

"So, the establishment is out for his blood. They've found a RINO to back against our candidate and have vowed to spend up to $1,000,000 to defeat him!

"Their goal is to replace Dr. Gosar with a malleable politician who has promised, right off the bat, to capitulate, by ‘compromising ... to work with the other side.’ In other words, to sell us out, raise taxes and spend more of your hard earned money."

With naming him, Palin is referring to Arizona State Rep. Ray Strauss, who describes himself as a "Christian conservative," serves as pastor at the Church at Sun Valley in Buckeye.

"We have a fighter in Dr. Gosar. Congress needs more like him! Not only is he a true conservative, he is very effective … Join me in supporting a public servant who won't let us down," Palin says.

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Jeff Small