GOP Representative Paul Gosar was in Goodyear, Arizona, on Thursday with conservative leaders and water experts to host a discussion and propose solutions to Arizona’s water supply issues.

Below is a full list of the panelists:

Councilman Ray MalnarCouncilman Bart TurnerCity of Glendale
Mark LewisVP Engineering, Water Resource Institute
Mayor Cal SheehyLake Havasu City
Amanda MonizeCentral Arizona Project Board Member
Kerri HatzGM. Mohave Valley Irrigation District
Michael PearceMohave Valley Irrigation District Counsel
AZ State Rep. Tim Dunn
Clint ChandlerDeputy Director, AZ Dept. of Water Resources
Councilwoman Wally CampbellCity of Goodyear
Barbara ChappellCity of Goodyear Wa

Jim Marchant

Paul Michael Wihbey
Patrick DentDeputy Gen Mgr CAP
Bobby AnastasovCity of Buckeye Water Resources Mgr
Jack W LunsfordPresident, Lunsford Group/Buckeye Rep.
Ken StrobeckCity of Buckeye Intergovernmental Relations
Javier Setovich Buckeye Deputy City Manager/Water Resources
Mayor Skip HallCity of Surprise
Mike BouleCity of Surprise Water Resource Director

Panelists discussed solutions and infrastructure such as desalination plants, pipelining flood water, rain, and runoff, and using modular nuclear reactors to power these projects.

Watch the full event below:

As millions flood across the southern border, Arizona is experiencing limited water resources with drying wells and diminishing rivers and groundwater.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that over 1,000 residents of Rio Verde Foothills, Arizona, have no source of water for their homes after the city of Scottsdale shut their water off. Remember, Scottsdale is one of the cities where Joe Biden housed illegal immigrants in a hotel with around-the-clock security, food, clothing, and water for drinking and bathing. Who knows how much of Arizona’s water these people used for free?

“Citizens have less rights than illegals. Something’s wrong with this Justice Department,” and “something’s wrong with this department of Homeland Security,” said Paul Gosar. Gosar also told us how the billions of dollars spent caring for illegal immigrants instead of deporting them would help us build “fabulous” water and transportation infrastructure.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke with Rep. Gosar about the ongoing water issues and how illegal immigration contributes to the waste and abuse of Arizona’s natural resources.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz admitted that the US has lost “operational control” of the border under Joe Biden. When confronted by RAV correspondent Ben Bergquam on whether or not DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached, Ortiz responded, “no, sir,” and cowered into a separate room to hide from Bergquam.

Additionally, as The Gateway Pundit reportedIllegal immigration in Arizona is already increasing under the new fraudulently elected regime, with 30% more gotaways in the second month of Katie Hobbs’ illegitimate term. They are also bringing deadly fentanyl, which is now the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 45, and half of the fentanyl seizures nationwide are taking place in the state of Arizona. According to Gosar, “2 million pills have just been interceded in just Arizona in one border crossing just in the last month.”

We are witnessing the intentional and systemic destruction of America.

Gosar told The Gateway Pundit that “anybody that goes along with this should be held accountable,” starting with Mayorkas “because he’s the one dictating the whole policy.”

“We’re not going to tolerate any more of this crap,” Gosar continued.

Why aren’t the woke climate change radicals up in arms over illegal immigrants who don’t care about the environment, polluting our Country and using our natural resources?

Watch below:

Conradson: I want to talk real quick about illegal immigration and the border. We saw the Border Patrol chief, Raul Ortiz, he admits that we don’t have operational control of the border like we do under President Trump, and then he tells Ben Bergquam that Mayorkas shouldn’t be impeached. Is he complicit in the lack of security on our border, the crime against Americans?

Gosar: Well, I gotta tell you, when you start looking at operational control, America has no clue. I mean, these people are beside themselves. Because America looks at the fentanyl coming across, the human smuggling coming across, the increased numbers that are coming across, there’s no operational control except for the cartels. And so, you know, when you have this top-down approach from Mayorkas, the bureaucracy is impugned, and anybody that goes along with this should be held accountable.

Conradson: Would that include impeaching Ortiz? I mean, as we’ve seen, him in Mayorkas, they both been ripped by these border patrol agents for their failures on the border. Is that a possible option, impeaching Ortiz?

Gosar: it could be, but I think what you could do better is take away Mr. Mayorkas first because he’s the one dictating the whole policy. Everybody else is subservient. And so, I think that message becomes one that says we’re not going to tolerate any more of this crap, and I think it’s the first stone to fall. But I mean, we’ve got plenty of other problems, Jordan. I mean, you talk about the COVID-19 issue, the China issue, the weaponization of our federal government against us. So we got lots of problems and now we got the bank issues on top so somebody’s got to be held accountable.

Conradson: So, the reason I want to talk about illegal immigration here at this water round table that you just had, you know, these illegals are coming into our country, they’re tainting crops on farmland, they’re tainting water supplies, and you know what they’re using our water supplies when they’re here in our country, you know? Joe Biden had these hotels, illegals were given sinks, showers who knows how long they were taking, cell phones, everything, but, you know, can you speak to how securing our border would help us preserve our water supply?

Gosar: It does, because what ends up happening is so much of our land is in irrigated farm fields. So for example, like it was pointed out today, between the end of October to the end of April, if you’re having a salad, it’s coming from Arizona, particularly my district over in Yuma and the adjacent area in California. So, when they have illegals run through those crops, they can’t use any of it, they have to till it under. So, that’s a hardship because insurance doesn’t cover that for those farmers. It’s also the wanton destruction of private property, which is a tenant of our Constitution. And last but not least is, you’re coming into this country and you’re running to the equal application and the rule of law, but yet your first action is to defy that rule of law? That’s troubling beyond reproach, and then how many young people and people between the age of 18 and 50 are dying from fentanyl? I mean, 2 million pills have just been interceded in just Arizona in one border crossing just in the last month. This is crazy.

Conradson: And then the amount of money, the billions of dollars we’re spending on these people that are illegally in our country to take care of them, deal with them with law enforcement if needed. You know, where could that money be going instead to help us maintain a water supply bring in more water, desalinate water how would that help us with our water issues?

Gosar: I’ll tell you what, the infrastructure would be fabulous. Not only just in water but in our surface highways. I mean, I just went over East 40 from Kingman. And it was harrowing. I actually had pulled off the road twice because of the potholes and the truck traffic. I felt for my life going through that. So why can we spend all that money there? Number two is you see a rancher that had so many calls to Border Patrol that he ends up killing one of the illegals in his area, and he’s now indicted? So my point is citizens have less rights than illegals. Something’s wrong with this Justice Department. Something’s wrong with this department of Homeland Security from the top down and this administration. Now they’re also talking about amnesty. You know, so this isn’t 10 or 11 million anymore. This is 40 to 50 million. I said the word that really gets people’s craw and that’s they’re changing our culture. We see this wanton aspect in Chicago to New York. You see it in our bureaucracy, in the folks in this administration, you see it in the Department of Justice, you see it in our courts. It’s wanton and it’s destroying this constitution. It’s destroying our way of life.