Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is absolute and I oppose efforts to create a national gun registry and other anti-gun legislation that erodes our gun rights. My strong support of the 2nd Amendment has earned me a career “A” voting record from the NRA and Gun Owners of America.


The U.S. national debt is now more than $22 trillion. Yet, the Federal Government continues to borrow over 40% of every dollar it spends. I will continue to support true spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which is why I was named “Hero of the Taxpayer” by Citizens Against Government Waste.

ENERGY & natural resources

As Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus and Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Minerals and Energy, I have been a leader in Congress for U.S. energy independence. I’ve also worked tirelessly to open up federal lands in Arizona to reasonable usages for agriculture and natural resource development.


Obamacare is one of the most costly pieces of big government legislation ever rammed through the Congress and I have voted repeatedly for repeal. I support patient-centered reforms that preserve your right to see the doctor of your choice, protects small businesses, and lowers costs.

immigration & border security

I support President Trump’s border wall and have worked with the Trump Administration to finally address the threats posed by our porous borders. I fought the Obama Administration’s amnesty efforts, including those led by the so-called “Gang of 8,” and continue to be an outspoken leader on border security. I’ve earned an A+ from NumbersUSA and 100% from Federation for American Immigration Reform.


A strong, reliable infrastructure promotes interstate commerce, creates economic growth and prosperity, and creates more jobs and stability for our families. As Co-Chairman of the I-11 Caucus, I have focused on expanding I-11 into a full-blown interstate between Phoenix and Las Vegas, connecting two major metropolitan areas which remain the only major urban areas of their size that remain unlinked.

JOBs & economy

By cutting red tape and regulations, lowering all taxes, and demanding fair trade policies, we can grow our economy and create better paying jobs. Economic growth originates from the hard-working entrepreneurial spirit of the American people and the best thing we can do to reignite job growth in this country is to get the federal government out of the way. My support for pro-growth policies has earned me a 100% from the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, and the Campaign for Working Families.

Military & Veterans

Our nation must honor its commitment to those who have served our country, and to the families of those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. This includes making sure we keep our promises with respect to health care and retirement benefits. I will never support harmful cuts to military spending in order to fund costly, liberal, big government programs. I was a leader in exposing the abuses at the VA and helped institute reforms that protect our veterans.


Maintaining national security is one of the federal government’s primary responsibilities under the Constitution. We must ensure the people of the United States are protected by providing for our common defense. But it’s also important that we not forget our national debt of more than $22 trillion. Congress needs to work with the Pentagon to identify wasteful and duplicative programs that can be consolidated or removed in order to ensure our defense budget is being spent responsibly. My support for a strong national defense earned me a 100% from the American Security Council.


Our core religious freedoms, guarded by the First Amendment, are under assault by progressives and social justice warriors. They want to silence those who embrace traditional values and institute morally-relative policies that tear apart our social fabric. I will continue to staunchly defend our religious liberties which is why I’ve earned a 100% from the Christian Coalition, Concerned Women of America, Eagle Forum, Faith & Freedom Coalition, and the Family Research Council.

sanctity of life

I believe in the sanctity of life and have spent my career protecting the rights of the unborn. But being pro-life is about more than trying to end this tragic practice, which is why I’ve also worked to reduce barriers to adoption, and promote policies that support groups offering hope and assistance to mothers facing crisis pregnancies. My efforts have earned me a 100% from National Right to Life.


One of the signature accomplishments of the Trump Administration is federal tax reform. In addition to providing economic stimulus that has resulted in the fast economic growth we’ve seen in a generation, it has allowed small businesses to make capital investments that have helped create new jobs and brought unemployment to historic lows. I’ve signed Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge and earned a 100% from Americans for Prosperity, 92% from the National Tax Limitation Committee, 90% from the National Taxpayers Union.